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Telegraph newspaper denounces torture investigation

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True to form, the Telegraph newspaper has roundly denounced the news that there is to be a criminal investigation into allegations of complicity in torture by the UK security services, and urged the Attorney General – a political appointee – to intervene in the judicial process in order to stop the investigation.

In the run-up to the 2003 Iraq invasion, and during the subsequent campaign by Bush administration hardliners to convince the world of the need for a war against Iran, the Telegraph security commentator Con Coughlin famously published a series of articles containing  false and misleading information that appears to have been fed to him directly by the intelligence services. Now that those same intelligence services risk facing serious public scrutiny, the Telegraph is leading the calls to get the criminal investigation stopped.

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  1. In today’s, most of the Big Media Companies are not interested to speak the truth nor advocate for the truth, I wonder if they are not owned by the system that selectively choose what has to be said.

    As an African Immigrant of the UK, I find the UK Media biased in the sense that they contribute to “Racial disharmony” when they describe Immigrants from Africa, like the cartoonist of New York, it is sad to note that some still view Black Africans as “Monkeys” and “uncivilized”.

    …if the UK or the West was more civilized, no African Families would be locked up in detention centre while they wait to be forced back to their Country of origin, why doesn’t the Media advocate for those seeking to build a better life for their Children?

    Desire K

    March 29, 2009 at 8:16 pm

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