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Catholic aid charity Caritas claims to have stopped supporting LRA rebels, demands thanks from the Ugandan government

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From the Caritas website

Caritas had provided food aid to rebel groups while the peace process that began in 2006 was in place at the request of the Ugandan government and international mediators in line with its humanitarian mission. Caritas ended all food aid distributions once negotiations collapsed and has supplied no food aid since April 2008. The Ugandan government is aware of all these steps.

Government Minister for Disaster Preparedness, Professor Tarsis Kabwegyere said on 30 September, “Caritas should stop giving food to the rebels so that they get under pressure to sign the peace agreement. But as long as they continue to get supplies, they will see no reason of ending the rebellion. There is a moral question on why (rebel leader) Kony continues to receive food. Whoever is sending food to the jungles is committing a mortal sin especially if they are Christians”.

Caritas Uganda National Director Msgr. Dr. Francis Ndamira said, “We would like to clarify this statement which is likely to mislead the public and the world which is already too anxious and waiting for that day of signing the peace agreement. Caritas Uganda is not currently supplying food and medicine to the rebels. When the (peace agreement) signing flopped, Caritas also ended its mandate.

“It is therefore surprising for Hon. Prof. Kabwegyere to make such misleading and irresponsible statements of that kind. On the contrary, he should thank Caritas Uganda and the entire Catholic Church leadership for the peaceful contribution we have made in the peace process and also the spiritual and material help which the respective Churches have given to the suffering people in Northern Uganda.”

“Repent, dummies!”

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It’s not often that you hear a Fox News anchor shouting “You are the devil!” at an interviewee. Is Shirley Phelps Roper really the devil? Click here to decide for yourself:

It’s perhaps appropriate that I’m writing this as a thunderstorm of biblical proportions rages on the horizon a few miles down from here. Yesterday, via a capricious trail from this rather amusing wiki, I learned for the first time about the Kansas-based ‘Westboro Baptist Church’.

The WBC, in brief, believe that “God hates America” for, among other things, its tolerance of homosexuality. They claim that 911, Hurricane Katrina, the 2003 Space Shuttle disaster, and, especially, the deaths of US servicemen in Iraq constitute deserved punishment from the hand of God. The WBC’s favoured method of getting this message across is to turn up at the funerals of US soldiers killed in Iraq, wave placards, and shout slogans which include “God Hates Fags”, “God Hates You”, “Thank God for 911”, “Pray For More Dead Soldiers”, and perhaps most sensitively of all, “Your Sons are In Hell”.

This hobby has, unsurprisingly, won them very few friends – or converts (almost all the members of the WBC appear to be close relatives of its founder, Fred Phelps). But they did get to appear on Fox News, in one of the most surreal – and painful – pieces of television I’ve ever seen.

The Westboro Baptist Church appears to be going for full spectrum media dominance. The campaign is backed up with a series of technically slick websites, listing all the people and places that God hates. Alongside (“welcome, depraved sons and daughters of adam”) we have,, – with reportedly in the offing. gives a handy interactive map identifying which countries God hates, and why he hates them. Disappointingly, information has so far been posted for only a few of the countries on the map (mostly this seems to relate to homosexuality and Islam), but we are assured that the explanation of God’s hating Nepal, Turkmenistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo will be ‘coming soon’.

The more I read about the WBC, the more they start to sound like characters from South Park. I’m particularly fond of the phrase “Repent, dummies! The wrath of God is upon you!”.

There has been some speculation that the entire WBC operation could be the work of “deep cover liberals” seeking to give homophobia a bad name. While that’s an interesting idea, it seems like an awful lot of trouble to go to…