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Via "Love and Garbage"

I’m honoured to announce that this is the second ever UK blog to be recognised as an official, government-approved, kitemarked-and-licensed communicative online blognode (GAKALCOB).

The scheme was launched earlier this evening when “Love and Garbage” became the first to achieve this coveted status:

This official kitemark confirms that this blog has passed the stringent tests of self-regulation imposed by the independent regulator (namely a guarantee that when asked I will forget whether or not any of the things I have written on here are questionable, unethical, or immoral – and if they don’t ask if stuff I write is illegal or has been obtained in an illegal way I won’t have to answer that question). Let this assurance guarantee to you, my dear reader, that everything you read on here is of a quality at least as high as that you see in national newspapers.

Be assured that my chairing of the loveandgarbage Code of conduct committee where I assess if the loveandgarbage blog has breached any ethical moral or legal issues is a guarantee that I, and the licensing body, takes self-regulation very seriously indeed.

I’m delighted to be following “Love and Garbage”‘s lead, and to assure my readers that I will be following this code almost as assiduously as he will.

More background on this noble enterprise here.

GAKALCOB Kitemarking complaints procedure:

Should you believe that any aspect of this blog breaches the GAKALCOB Kitemarking Code, you may first complain to me, in writing, via the postal address given at the bottom of the page. Should you not receive a response within 365 working days, or should you wish to appeal my automated-rejection of your complaint, you may complain to the GAKALCOB regulator at the following address:

Lord Hunt of Wirral

House of Lords,

London, SW1A 0PW

Your call is important to us. Please continue to hold. Calls may be monitored for training purposes. Resistance is futile.

Written by Richard Wilson

December 15, 2011 at 10:37 pm

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