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Free Jean-Claude Kavumbagu. Again.

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See also (from 2008): Free Jean-Claude Kavumbagu

UPDATE – I’m pleased to report that the Committee to Protect Journalists and Human Rights Watch have both put out statements condemning the arrest and calling for Jean-Claude’s release.

Burundi’s EU-bankrolled kleptocracy strikes again

I will never forget the enormous help Jean-Claude Kavumbagu gave me while I was writing my first book, Titanic Express. This is now the fifth time he has been jailed simply for telling the truth.

One of the things that seems to have particularly riled the authorities on this occasion is Jean-Claude’s claim that “our defence and security forces shine in their capacity to pillage and kill their compatriots rather than defend their country”. Unfortunately this claim is so clearly and demonstrably true that it’s difficult to imagine what the Burundi authorities think they have to gain in suppressing it…

From Agence France Presse

Burundi police arrested a journalist for alleged “treason” Saturday over an article questioning whether the security forces could deal with an attack like one that hit Uganda a week ago, an official said.

The July 11 bombings in Kampala claimed by Al Qaeda-inspired rebels killed at least 73 people watching the World Cup final in what the insurgents said was retaliation for Ugandan troops serving in Somalia, where Burundi also has soldiers participating in an African Union force.

“The police arrested the director of Netpress on a warrant issued by the prosecutor of the republic and which had as motive ‘treason’,” police Colonel David Nikiza told AFP.

Jean-Claude Kavumbagu, head of the online news outlet, was later detained at the central prison at Bujumbura, relatives and prison officials said.

“The authorities are reproaching Kavumbagu for an article that appeared on July 12 and which questioned the capacity of the Burundi defence and security forces to face an Islamist attack like that which has just hit Kampala,” a Netpress journalist told AFP on condition of anonymity.

In the article that appeared Wednesday, Netpress wrote that “since Monday morning, the anxiety has been palpable in Bujumbura for all those who have heard about what happened yesterday at Kampala because they are convinced that if these Shebab militants wanted to try something in our country, they would succeed with disconcerting ease.”

This was because “our defence and security forces shine in their capacity to pillage and kill their compatriots rather than defend their country,” it continued.

It is the fifth time that Kavumbagu, 45, has been imprisoned for his work.

Written by Richard Wilson

July 18, 2010 at 8:42 pm

28 Responses

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  1. I´m Burundian, I left my country in 1993 when the army was killing all the hutus intellectual. At that particular time, any burundian (except the tutsis), knew that the Burundian army was almost a 100% tutsi. So whenever he saw the Army he had to Run away. Today, things have changed after the CNDD-FDD fought the Tutsi army. After the negociations, the army is today 50% tutsi and 50% hutu. However, some sectors like the PRESS (INFORMATION) Sectors, or economical (Banks), are still monopolised by the minority Tutsi. This is why I was not surprised when I read what MR. KAVUMBAGU Jean Claude, an extremist Tutsi wrote about the actual Burundian Army. I don´t know which sources you have, but I would assure you that if I was a jugde, I would fix a life sentence for Mr. Kavumbagu. Imagine, in U.S.A, a journalist saying that: ¨if alcaida wants to attack the U.S.A today, there will be no resistance because the U.S army is busy killing americans and raping women! I´m sure that journalist will be from Al Jazzela! The question is, would the F.B.I arrest him? Yes sir! And very badly. Imagine if in Spain, a journalist writes: ¨if E.T.A wants to attack the Madrid airport today, they are free because the spanish police is busy raping spanish women!!!¨. Please, let´s be serious: fredom to express ourselves has some limits. And we should never joke around these terrorrist matters. Burundi has already lost in Somalia so many soldiers. If mr. Kavumbagu is inviting the Alcaida Associates (Al Shabab) to burundi, he should know that if there´s a bomb blast, it may take away his family, his friends, or why not himself? I know he hates the actual ruling party, the CNDD-FDD. But he must remember that the CNDD-FDD was democratically elected by more than 90% of the population. I invite people like him to think twice before burning their countries. Because When the storm breaks forth, never say ¨come in and kill my enemies!¨ Because it might because the storm may prefer to take your beloved ones instead!

    Gahutu Salvator

    July 18, 2010 at 10:03 pm

    • People say critical things about the US and UK army all the time, eg: and and I don’t know of a single case where a journalist got arrested over such a story.

      It’s widely understood internationally that the Burundian security forces have a consistent track record of killing and raping civilians, while doing little to protect the ordinary population:

      Does CNDD-FDD really care about the atrocities committed by the army during Buyoya’s time or do they just want money and power for themselves? Does Nkurunziza talk about the Itaba massacre very much these days? Has he done anything to bring the killers to justice over that crime? Has he done anything to remove from the army those soldiers who committed atrocities during 1993?

      Richard Wilson

      July 18, 2010 at 10:37 pm

  2. I wish I was the judge! Then Mr. Kavumbagu would be senteced to life prison. He belongs to the extremist Tutsi. Those who wanted to kill or chase away all the hutus. Then when the CNDD-FDD won, they decided to hide as Press Men! But we know them, they don´t want Burundian to live together, they only want to live alone. But the CNDD-FDD brough us the real unity, freedom and long lasting peace. I´m proud of my country when I see that we have sent peace keepers to Somalia, Soudan and Ivory Cost. We will never forget what the international community did to us, when we needed them. That´s why we always say yes when the U.N asks us to send troups. I would like to remind to everybody that Mr. KaVUMBAGU and his NETPRESS were amont those who were against the international peace keepers in Burundi. You want to know why? Because he is an extremist Tutsi! He never wanted millions of hutu refugees to come back from Tanzania! Mr. Gahutu has said it: Imagine if Al Jazzera was in U.S.A, and they try to invite ALCAIDA to attack america, telling them that the american army is busy killing americans! Do you want to tell me that particular journalist would not go to Jail?

    NIYONZIMA Sévérin

    July 18, 2010 at 10:55 pm

    • I think what he actually said was that the security forces are unprepared to deal with such an attack, which people have said about the US army plenty of times, eg:…andthat the Burundian army kills and rapes civilians, which is pretty well documented eg: and

      I doubt that Ernest Manirumva or his family would agree with your description of Burundi under CNDD-FDD as enjoying “freedom, unity, and lasting peace”:

      Richard Wilson

      July 18, 2010 at 11:16 pm

    • Hi Richard Wilson,

      I can understand that you are not Burundian, I can also understand that you dont know nothing about Burundi. Why I say that? Yes Burundi has been in war for longtime,but now days we are in reconstruction process. I can tell you that all Burundian are working so had to get there Mr Wilson. Mr Jean Claude Kavumbagu is one of few people whom doesn’t maybe stand for his country. What he said in his netpress is stupid for a journalist and if he really care about himself and his country, he should know, that the deliberate extermination of human life as part of a religious program is a hideous and pathological affront to the values of all life-loving human societies

      And we must never allow ourselves to forget that, no matter how often this same sickening plot line plays itself out. We must never lose the ability to be shocked at such inhuman crimes. So Mr KAVUMBAGU IS ASKING ALL Burundians to stand with terrorism and there for to allow ourselves to forget the identity of the enemy.

      The attacks in Uganda were apparently carried out by a Somali affiliate of al Qaeda known as al-Shabaab, which is Arabic for “The Youth.” It had warned last month it was planning to attack Kampala and the Burundian capital, Bujumbura, because Uganda and Burundi supply the 5,000 peacekeeping troops of the African Union Mission in Somalia, which is currently attempting to end the fighting between al-Shabaab and other Islamist factions and Uganda’s transitional government.

      Thanks Mr Wilson,

      Suavis KANYANGE


      July 18, 2010 at 11:40 pm

  3. I understand Mr. Richardson, and I was trying to read the information he gave us. However, Burundi is not U.S.A, nor U.K. There, people are liars, even journalists! they will tell you they are not affiliated to any political Party, but is really that true? Plase, if you want to visit my country, you are welcome, I will let you know it. What KAVUMBAGU says about his country is a shame. You want me to tell you why he says the ¨BURUNDIAN ARMY IS BUSY KILLING CIVILIANS¨? Because of the army operation in RUZIBA, in Kanyosha. That when the FNL militians killed 2 persons in that locality and tried to flee in a boat through the lake Tanganyika. Then the navy and the airforce intervened. Nobody was was shoote, nobody was woonded! If Mr. Kavumbagu says the Army killed any FNL militians, he should give names, just like the Burundian Army spokeman asked in his conference press. Those militians are currently jailed in the MPIMBA PRISON, and all the human organisations like APRODEH were authorised to visit them. Mr. Richard, I wish you visited Burundi, see the Freedom people enjoy, then go to any neighbouring country! which one do you want to compare? Rwanda? Go to Rwanda and make the comment you have just made, you´ll be sentenced to death! In TAnzania or Kenya, maybe you´ll go to Jail. In Burundi, nobody will touch you. But Mr. Kavumbagu has gone too far. And believe me, we know him! When you talk about the ITABA massacres, I hope that you remember the victims were families of the CNDD-FDD high officers! When you talk about the burundian Army killing people during the Buyoya´S presidency, I hope that you remember that the victims were HUTU´S. Our current president has publicly begged pardon, on behalf of the CNDD-FDD forces, for any civilian casualty during the war. And we have decided to set up a commission to investigate about all the civilian killings killing since the Burundian independence, what we call ¨THE TRUETH AND RECONCILIATION COMMISSION¨. we want to carry out a real reconciliation like MANDELA DID with his people. Otherwise, I think the solution is not to send to prison all those who were involved in the many tradegies our country went trough (1965 HUTU MASSACRES, 1972 HUTU GENOCIDE, 1988 HUTU MASSACRE IN NTEGA AND MARANGARA, 1993 ASSASSINATION OF THE FIRST ELECTED PRESIDENT MELCHIOR NDADAYE FOLLOWED BY LARGE SCALE TUTSI MASSACRE BY THEIR NEIGHBOURS, AND THEN LARGE SCALE HUTU MASSACRES BY THE MONO-ETHNIC TUTSI ARMY), ETC…

    So, President NKURUNZIZA, the first born again Burundian President, has given priority to reconcilation, reconstruction and forgiveness. However, people like KAVUMBAGU are ready to fight our president at any cost. Because the miss the time when only 14%, even less, was enjoying from the sweat of the rest of the pupulation. When Hutus were colonised by tutsis. Remember that the CNDD-FDD, The ruling party, is made of 40% tutsis, and 60% hutu! Would you ask how many hutus are in UPRONA for example? Please try to know the truth before jumping to any conclusion. And remember, should the TERRORRIST ATTACT OUR COUNTRY, we never know who will be the victims. I wish the only victim was Mr. KAVUMBAGU AND HIS LIKES

    • Sure, Rwanda isn’t a very good precedent…

      So your logic is that journalists should get sent to prison for saying bad things about the army while the murderers, rapists and torturers escape any punishment and instead get “forgiveness” from Pierre Nkurunziza?

      Richard Wilson

      July 18, 2010 at 11:37 pm

  4. Mr. Richard Wilson, I think you are a Burundian, please would you tell us your real name? There´s no need to hide with nick names if you believe in what you say. You talk about Ernest Manirumva? Who killed Ernest Manirumva?? Would you tell us who? If you are are sure your analysis are objectives, then don´t hide your identity. Put your burundian names like we do all of us. Thanks.

  5. Mr. Richard, Very sorry for for what happened to your sister. Believe me, I was myself very sad about that, the BURUNDI TITANIC CRIME. I just want to tell you something: Mr. KAVUMBAGU is defending the FNL militians, the same who are responsable of the TITANIC CRIME! I want you to know that, and believe me, the responsibles of that cowered massacre, the same who killed the TUTSI-BANYAMULENGE Refugees in THE KATUMBA CAMPS, will be soon or later brought to justice. Sincerely, I understand what you feel, but I think as a civilised and intellectual person, you should try to find out about Mr. KAVUMBAGU´s political affiliation. He supports the ADC-IKIBIRI, the coalition leaded by THE FNL that lost the recent elections, the same that are bombing the population with hand and tank grenades, the same that are killing the population because the lost the elections.

    I only humbly request you to try to investivage well, before jumping to any conclusion, because as I told you, Burundians are very difficult to understand. Thanks and God Bless you.

    • Hi – thanks for those thoughts Aimé. But surely the Burundian constitution demands that basic human rights are respected? I want to see the FNL brought to justice but it has to be done in the right way, in accordance with the rule of law, and personally I don’t want to see anyone else killed under any circumstances, for any reason. So I would also be critical of the violent attacks by CNDD-FDD (and any other party) against FNL members. It seems that in Burundi criticising or opposing the government is almost the only crime that anyone ever gets punished for.

      When Jean-Claude was imprisoned in 2008 he was adopted by Amnesty as a “Prisoner of Conscience” and that’s good enough for me. If there is evidence that he has committed a recognisable crime then I’ve never seen it. Other than that, his political affiliations are his own business as far as I’m concerned.

      Richard Wilson

      July 19, 2010 at 4:07 pm

      • Mr. Richard, as I said, it seems you only have one source of the information you get! Would you be so kind as to give me names of the FNL members killed by the CNDD-FDD? I really beg for it. However, I think I have a long list of CNDD-FDD members killed by the FNL militians!

        Mr. Richard, sincerely, I know and I can see you are a good person. Thanks alot for the interest you have in our country. Very few persons would ever want to know anything about a country where their siblings perrished. Thanks alot for your courage Richard. Personally, I would be very glad to communicate with you, I live in Europe myself. Then maybe I could try to give you alternative sources of information, so that you can always compare. As you know, in Burundi, we have had chronical ethnical wars that torn the country out for decades. Mr. Richard, it is the first time that an elected goverment finishes his term! THE CNDD-FDD goverment is not an angel, but at least, believe me or not, freedom is a reality in burundi. It is the first time for the all the medias (especially radios and televisions) not to be closed in 5 years, despite to have seriously criticised the goverment. Some of them excessivelly! Well, if you want to contact me, you have my e-mail, then we could talk, and I can also give you my sources.

        Thanks alot.

        Aimé Emmanuel NIBIGIRA

        July 19, 2010 at 6:27 pm

  6. Mr. Richard Wilson, H.E. Pierre NKURUNZIZA must respect the current burundian constitution of burundi, and the Arusha, South Africa Peace agreement terms! And that´s what he does for the moment! But time will come for the PEACE AND RECONCILIATION commission to do it´s work, and the Burundian Justice to judge all the crimes that must be judged. If we gave the priority to punish all the war criminals today, believe me, Burundi would live for ever in Chronical wars. Believe me, I know what I´m talking about. I think you have not read very well what Mr. KAVUMBAGU WROTE, and I know that you have a friendship relationship with him, since he collaborated with you when you wrote your book ¨titanic¨. However, Mr. KAVUMBAGU, for us who know him, is far from being the ¨angel¨ he pretends to be. We know who he is, so pleasem, Why don´t you leave burundian problems to Burundian? I think it is much better for you. Once again, I´m sorry about what happened to your sister, and I believe one day justice will be done so that she can rest in peace. Remember who is responsable of the titanic crime: MR. RWASA AGATHON, the fnl LEADER. And When MR. KAVUMBAGU acuses the Burundian army of killing Civilians, he talks about the recent operation of the army tracking the FNL militians who had just assassinated 2 civilians in RUZIBA. Did you know this Mr. Wilson? Please tell me something about this.

  7. Hi Richard, Hi everybody.
    I feel compelled to say few things about what has been written on this blog in reaction to Richard’s call for justice for Mr. Jean-Claude Kavumbagu
    I will be straightforward and say that no matter what ethnicity Kavumbagu is, no matter what position his late father may have occupied, and no matter what “crime” he may have committed, he is still entitled to justice.
    I was schocked at how much blind criticism has been unleashed at Kavumbagu on this blog. If he has been monitoring the atrocities committed by the Burundi army, and if he writes about them at the very moment when Burundi is likely to be attacked by Al Shabab, what is the problem with this? Or rather, is the culprit the person who witnesses and reports atrocities, or is it those who commit them? In my opinion, if Kavumbagu writes that he Burundian army has been killing, raping, racketing the population, there is nothing more truthful than that.
    I am not happy that Al Shabab may be preparing to attack Burundi, but I don’t think it is fair to shift the blame on Kavumbagu. After all, he only writes about a situation that is difficult and concerning, I understand; but he did not create it himself, did he?
    Was it ever alleged that Kavumbagu was seen anywhere near the Mukoni barracks when Vital Bangirinama ordered the execution of 30 PALIPEHUTU-FNL members? Does anyone of these bloggers asking “life sentence” for Jean-Claude have any clue that it’s him who allowed, and actually facilitated the ex-filtration of the culprit in this internationally-condemned slaughter? As far as I know, it is Pierre Nkurunziza, the “born-again, democratically elected” President of Burundi who allowed Vital Bangirinama to leave Burundi unharmed, allegedly to avoid confrontation within the military. Or, was Kavumbagu found near any of the so many soldiers who are almost regularly caught red-handed while robbing the population at gun point?
    I dare both Salvator Gahutu, Suavis, and Aime Nibigira, to answer yes to any of my questions –with verifiable evidence, of course. And how can they compare the Burundi army with the US? To the best of my knowledge, whenever it is found out that a US soldier has committed a war crime, or accused of any misconduct, the US military submits him/her to a fair trial — of course I am not forgetting the contested interrogation methods at Guantanamo and all those secret detention camps.
    I don’t want to dwell on the so many unpunished war crimes that we have in Burundi. However, if I start mentioning symbolic years and places as my predecessors have been doing, I would be falling prey to that type of discourse that aims at concealing some crimes while insisting only on others. My stance in the matter would be to request an investigation into any grave crime that was committed since the beginning of the recorded history of Burundi. It does not matter that we end up investigating the German Kaiser’s army in the occupation war that it led against the Burundi Royal army of His Majesty Mwezi Gisabo from 1899 to June 3rd, 1903. I don’t have any problem either if the Belgian crown end’s up sentenced to pay billions in compensation to Burundi. Therefore, the so called Truth and Reconciliation Committee, whose drum my predecessors are beating too loud, should not be limited to the period ranging from July 1st, 1962 to August 2008 as agreed upon by the signatories of the Arusha agreement. After all, it is not impossible that by precluding the colonial period, they may have been manipulated consciously or unconsciously by our former colonies whose handling of the League of Nations Mandate first, and then the UN Trustee, was not always abiding by the assigned terms. In other words, the same way Pierre Nkurunziza and his criminal organization CNDD-FDD are trying to shift the attention from their past atrocities to fictional accusations against Jean-Claude Kavumbagu, some clever negotiators in Arusha (and/or their unseen backers) were more concerned with how to cover their asses while reaping the maximum from the “new deal” that they were imposing on Burundi.
    In a nutshell, with Kavumbagu’s imprisonment, CNDD-FDD is wagging the dog, which would buy them some time from the relentless pressure they are under — because of the rigged elections, the numerous assassinations before and during the electoral period, and above all, their unpunished genocide against the Tutsi.
    But no matter what, justice will prevail. Even in Burundi where the President of the Republic is a convict for having ordered and sometimes led the killing thousands of innocent people only because of their Tutsi ethnicity . Surely, Pierre Nkurunziza and his criminal organization can manipulate the Burundi criminal code at their will; yet, they will never manage to change international law and its provisions on genocide.
    Finally, to Salvator, Suavis, and Aime, let me simply recall that when you are siding with criminals like the ruling CNDD-FDD, your talk of justice and reconciliation loses any credibility whatsoever.
    Jean-Claude Kavumbagu’s place is not in jail, if anyone should be sent to jail right away, its the leadership of CNDD-FDD lest Pierre Nkurunziza who should be tried in The Hague alongside the other “democratically elected criminal against humanity, Charles Taylor.”


    July 19, 2010 at 1:50 am

  8. Mr. Kabonesho and Mr. Wilson,

    You say Mr. Kavumbagu has witnessed the Burundian army atrocities? Are we talking about the MICOMBERO´S ARMY? Buyoya´s army? Please specify.

    As far as we know, the RUZIBA military operation was to track the FNL who were massacring civilians (they killed 2 of them, names are there). Would you be so kind as to tell us a single FNL who was killed in that operation? None! However, Mr. Kavumbagu and both of you, are acusing the burundian army of having comitted massacres! Give us prooves please!

    You look like thos who defend Alcaida, arguing that ¨the U.S.A and Israel are carrying out a genocide against muslims all over the World?

    Anyway, I think most people who have reacted on this blog have said everything. Burundi is not England Mr. Wilson. But believe me, with our current president, Burundi has become one the best african countries to live in, to enjoy freedom. There, people are not jailed for criticising the goverment action, some even insult the president and nothing happens to them. But what Kavumbagu wrote is an attempt to the security of more than 8 millions of Burundians and foreigners who live in Burundi. Anyware, I don´t know what´s your problem, because he has not been sentenced to Death! Not even sentenced! So please, stop shouting and let the Burundian do it´s work. If you want to help Mr. Kavumbagu, why don´t you send him a British Lawyer to defend him? (because according to both of you, we have no lawyers in Burundi).

    Why doesn´t mr. Kavumbagu to to China and write something like: ¨The Chinese Army is massacring the tibet people?¨ Why doesn´t he go to Rwanda and write: ¨The Rwandese ARmy is massacring the opposition leaders¨? I´m very sure in both cases, should he dare, Mr. Richard Wilson will not say a word to defend him. I think it´s time for Burundi to revise the freedom that some EXTREMISTS like KAVUMBAGU are trying to abuse of. Because we say in Kirundi: ¨IGIHUGU KIDAHANA IMBWA, CORORA IMISEGA¨. And as for you Mr. KABONESHA (I don´t know that name in Burundi, either from the times of SAMANDARI, nor from those of INARUNYONGA), let me tell you something if you are Burundian (you are not): UGAYA AHO UBA, RIKARENGA ARIHO URI.


    Nyawishongora Léon

    July 19, 2010 at 9:13 am

  9. Hello Leon (I was going to express doubt that your surname Nyawishongora is not a real one, but I do not want to be one of those who think that whatever is unknown to them, does not exist).
    About my name ‘Kabonesho;’ assuming that you understand some written French, please read this:
    “Le 9/5/2006 vers 23H, un policier de la PNB a été tué dans une plantation de palmeraie sise à Kabuka, zone Buruhukiro, en commune Rumonge. Cette propriété faisait objet de conflit entre le Colonel NDIHO Bernard et KABONESHO Bernard. Ce policier a été tué en poursuivant des bandits qui venaient voler des régimes de palmeraie dans cette propriété. Cinq personnes ont été interpellées dans la zone Buruhukiro, pour enquête.” .
    From this article, you can certainly see for yourself that my homonym is a Burundian living in Burundi. Also, the article tells volumes about the “just and peaceful” rule that these ‘democratically elected’ criminals of CNDD-FDD are bringing to our country.
    Finally, as courtesy to you, here is a link to a UN website where you find details of how “respectable” the CNDD-FDD “democrats” are. I advise you to focus on pages 10-13, and 20-24.
    Have a good day.


    July 19, 2010 at 2:47 pm

    • Mr. Kabonesha has written: ¨ Le 9/5/2006 vers 23H, un policier de la PNB a été tué dans une plantation de palmeraie sise à Kabuka, zone Buruhukiro, en commune Rumonge. Cette propriété faisait objet de conflit entre le Colonel NDIHO Bernard et KABONESHO Bernard. Ce policier a été tué en poursuivant des bandits qui venaient voler des régimes de palmeraie dans cette propriété. Cinq personnes ont été interpellées dans la zone Buruhukiro, pour enquête.”

      Quelle Contradiction? Pourtant, dans vos affirmations antérieures, vous, Richard et Kavumbagu faisiez croire à tout le monde que LA POLICE ET L´ARMEE BURUNDAISE (depuis qu´elles ne sont plus monoéthniques), sont occupées à piller et à massacrer la population! Cohérence oblige Mr, se tromper est humain. Mais seuls les savants rectifient!

      Mr. richard, if you have any problem with Radio Rema, I don´t have any. I don´t hear RADIO REMA because I live abroad. It seems you also get your information from RPA, ISANGANIRO, and from all those satatellite medias belonging the the ADC-IKIBIRI politicians! It doesn´t matter, the only thing that is true is that: you should leave the Burundian politics to the Burundians! Thanks.

      Nyawishongora Léon

      July 19, 2010 at 4:49 pm

  10. Some of you here accuse Jean Claude basing on the fact that he made those statements because he is either an extrimist Tutsi opposing a dominantly Hutus government.Some one up above gave us figures that todays army is 50% Tutsi and 50% which is an equal figure.So why would you think that Jean Claude a TUTSI himself would be oppose a Hutu army yet his own ethinicity is represented equally?

    Secondly,someone also did say that Jean Claude supported FNL which is a hutu dominated party-now that is a contradiction.If you are accusing him of being an extrimist Tutsi who is against a Hutu led government ,then how do you explain the fact that he supported the FNLs if that is true anyway.
    Does it occur to you that Jean Claude might have made those comments not basing on any ethinic factor but as a liberal journalist?
    Those 2 factors render you accusations against Jean claude to be ethinically based to baseless.


    July 19, 2010 at 8:02 pm

  11. Dear Richard,

    First of all, I just want to express my deep sympathy to you Richard for your relentless fight for justice in Burundi and in this instance for Jean-Claude Kavumbagu’s released from prison. I know him very well as he came to share my cell in prison for a couple of weeks when he got arrested for the first time in 1999, under the Buyoya regime.

    After a quick reading of my predecessors’account on this blog, I genuinely feel that we still have a long way to go. I had always hoped that those Burundian ( Hutu and Tutsi) who have left their country to live in Europe or in America would have taken time to learn, absorb and cherish the values of honesty, justice and freedom of speech, freedom of conscience that European and American have fought for many years to defend and enjoy.
    I was deeply shocked when I read Aime Emmanuel Nibigira being suspicious against you Richard and telling you to reveal your real name because according to “his acclaimed knowledge”, an English person wouldn’t have the deep and thorough knowledge of Burundi that you have demonstrated in your reply to his non sense account of what is happening in Burundi.

    As Claudine has pointed out clearly, how could Aime Emmanuel Nibigira, Nyawishongora Leon and Severin Niyonzima could truly accused someone of being an extremist Tutsi and in the same time alleged that he is supporting the FNL party ?

    Let me tell you one thing, I am one of the few person who does not care about hiding my identity on the web because I believe in what I say and am ready to be accountable for what I write.

    The three people who obviously are using nick name should avoid claiming to understand what is going on in Burundi when they can only read and understand what is going on in Burundi under the prism of ethnicity. This is extremely dangerous and it is a slippery slop that we should avoid to follow.

    The Commission for truth, justice and reconciliation that some of them have been talking about is not a creation of Peter Nkurunziza. It is one of the last institution created by the Arusha Agreement which has not been accepted by the current gouvernment let by Nkurunziza despite the pressure exert by the UN. Without justice, there will never be any reconciliation and forgiveness. The Hutu and Tutsi should all call for an international justice system which has to punish the individual tutsi and hutu who have participated in any crime against humanity, war crime and genocide since 1962 or even before. We have to agree that responsibility and criminal liability lies with individual person and not in claiming that the Tutsi or the Hutu were responsible for what happen in Burundi.

    Finally, I would ask Mr Salvator Gahutu to think twice before he put in writing what he thinks. If he was a judge he would have sentenced Kavumbagu to a life in prison. The country is lucky then not to have you as a judge. Because if you have to hand down such a tariff what sentence would you hand down for those who have killed innocent children just because they were tutsi or hutu ?

    I could not end my reply without giving Kabonesho a round of applauds for his deep and honest analysis of what he believes to be a genuine quest for justice for Mr Kavumbagu.

    Once again Richard, hat off for your endless fight for justice in Burundi and for the release of Kavumbagu. You are not the only one and we are really behind you!
    Congratulations and God bless you !

    Pacelli Ndikumana.

    Pacelli Ndikumana

    July 19, 2010 at 9:59 pm

  12. Mr. Paceri NDIKUMANA, you forgot to tell us that your webside is : and SURVIT BANGUKA!! A TUTSI EXTREMIST ORGANISATION. We know you, and you are a former ¨Sans échec¨! Ok, you ask to know why KAVUMBAGU, an extremist Tutsi is defending the FNL? Whoever knows about what is happening in Burundi, has heard of the ¨tristement célèbre ADC-IKIBIRI¨, a coalition between the EXTREMIST HUTUS AND THE EXTREMIST TUTSIS! If I´m wrong, tell me if: the FNL (AGATON RWASA), PARENA (JEAN BAPTISTE BAGAZA), MSD (FORMER SANS ÉCHEC LEADER ALEXIS SINDUHIJE), ETC… ARE NOT ASSOCIATED. I think we should thank the CNDD-FDD for having brought the real unity between hutus and tutsis. In that STRANGE ALLIANCE ADC-IKIBIRI, any time, you can start killing each other. Meanwhile, democrats of the CNDD-FDD, UPRONA, FRODEBU NYAKURI, CELAT HUMURA, ETC… are building the countries, all the tribes together. More than 95% of the population cannot stop the comunity works just like the tutsi AND HUTU extremists like those of AMASEKANYA, ADC-IKIBIRI , SURVIT BANGUKA, are throwing bombs. I don´t care if Mr. Willson wants to help you in buying some more grenades, but you, we know you! And remember that you, PACELI NDIKUMANA, you cannot go to burundi, because you are under a warrant of arrest! It is good you have used your real identity, and yes, I certify that it you, because you have killed so many people in the VILLES MORTES OPERATIONS. If tou want to confirm what I´m telling you, try to go to burundi, you´ll be invited to Join mr. Kavumbagu of course. But as for you, I think the death sentence should return in Burundi. You can´t imagine the sorrow I feel when I see people like you, You can´t imagine how many school mates of mine you killed in the VILLES MORTES operations PACELLI. Soon or later, you will pay for that, assure you that. As for Mr. Willson, I think it is better for him not to interfere in Burundian nor in Rwandan matters. It´s a good advice from someone who really feld the tough situation you went through. By the way mr. Pacelli, if you say burundian who went abroad should walk like British and americans, why don´t you change your skin like Michael Jackson. Silly Bastard…Criminal, Sans Echec.. Gruuuuuuuuuuu! I wish I could meet you in person to make you pay my siblings you killed, ¨Wa kinywamaraso we.

    Nyawishongora Léon

    July 19, 2010 at 10:38 pm

    • I am ashame to read what Nyawishongora Leon wrote in this blog. It’s all lies and it’s lucking style and form. This is not how you should defend justice. Bring out your best ideas, instead of insulting people. If you live abroad, why don’t learn what is going to help your country. Falsefully accusing people will not lead you anywhere. I hope we won’t read your kind of comments anymore on this blog. Let’s help free Jean-Claude Kavumbagu, because he is saying loud what other are thinking quietly! Let’s liberate Burundi from all negative forces that are preventing our dear country to move forward. We, tutsis and hutus, have to work toward same goals of having the best justice system, the sustainable economic developpment and a good education for all! No system is perfect in the world, but let’s try to move out of same cycle of tribal hate and build somethig strong based on unity and mutual understanding! Bravo a Pacelli qui a fait une tres bonne analyse! Komera!


      July 20, 2010 at 11:48 pm

    • Mr Nyawishongora Leon,
      Have some commun sense when you’re discussing about a serious issue with others. We (Burundi) are still backwards because of people like you who see only tribalism or ethnicity instead of dreaming a better country and building it by apply the best ideas. So, if you’re out of your country as you don’t want to reveal your dirty identity, at least, learn what’s good from outside, eventually use it or suggest other to use in our dear country Burundi.


      July 21, 2010 at 12:03 am

  13. Mr Nyawishongora Leon,

    I have read what you are accusing me of. I have the right to set up any website and any organisation as long as the purpose of the organisation meet the legal requirement in the host country.

    The reasons behind Survit-Banguka is to defend the rights of the Tutsi minority group, as those rights are enshrined in our Constitution. There is nothing wrong in defending the rights of a minority group in a country and being honest about it.

    If you have any shred of evidence in what you are accusing me of, then fair enough I would love to face justice and be tried in a court of law. However, this should be the same for all the Hutu and Tutsi who have played a role in the past. You seem to be a very angry person as if I did not have any relatives who was killed in the 1993 genocide and the mass massacres which follow.

    Let me tell you Mr Nyawishongora, if you are convinced of the truth in your accusation, then leave you mask and tell who you are instead of hiding behind the mask of a nick name: this is a coward attitude, which tells a lot about your personality.

    When you are insulting someone on baseless ground just because he is a tutsi, then I can tell you, you have a lot to answer and I can’t lose my time: one advise though, you should consult immediately a psychiatric.

    Pacelli Ndikumana

    July 20, 2010 at 7:32 am

  14. Mr Nyawishongora sir.How much more divisions are you going to create in your own country? You have gone from Hutu,Tutsi to “extremist Tutsi and extremist Hutu”.You and your click’s conciouses have been enslaved with an ideology of divisionism.Can i just say that thats ignorant and cheap politics and outdated.Now if you really care about your country then i suggest that you allow people to be what they feel suites that and stop judging them by your own ideology.
    Mr Ndikumana just like Mr Kavumbagu are entittled to their ideas-and its up to their audiences to judge so stop infecting us with cheap idealogies.


    July 20, 2010 at 8:49 pm

  15. […] “Free Kavumbagu” cause makes its way to the Rally to Restore Sanity in Washington, DC – guest post by Thierry Uwamahoro […]

  16. x1x1goxad axve prixnxcex rocxk pxlyxmxxouth dexvon ,8xabxbostbxury wxay lowxerhxam,pxlymxouxth dxevxon pxl22xhs help em csxis s dexvicxe sxleexp dexprivation and morex chemxicals xexpxerimxents on mxe caxnada vaxncxouxvexr bc help me take away x01752-514547 sxamxmy mxclouxghlin torture csxis mxi5x


    December 21, 2011 at 11:26 pm

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