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Is your MEP among the 47 who voted to keep their expense claims secret?

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*You can get the full list of your local MEPs by entering your postcode at*

The website “Open Europe” has done an excellent league table of MEP’s voting record on accountability and transparency ahead of tomorrow’s election. The list shows clearly that it is not just in the UK Parliament that elected representatives have been working hard to cover up their exorbitant expense claims. If anything, the situation appears to be even worse in the European Parliament, where the MEPs’ useage of public money has been a closely-guarded secret.

The following list, extrapolated from the “Open Europe” league table, identifies the UK MEPs who voted to cover up their expense claims.

Mr Sajjad Karim MEP Conservative Party

Mr Richard Ashworth MEP Conservative Party
Mr Struan Stevenson MEP Conservative Party
Mr Malcolm Harbour MEP Conservative Party
Mr Chris Heaton-Harris MEP Conservative Party
Mr Charles Tannock MEP Conservative Party
Mr Philip Bushill-Matthews MEP Conservative Party
Mr Martin Callanan MEP Conservative Party
Mr Neil Parish MEP Conservative Party
Mr Timothy Kirkhope MEP Conservative Party
Mr John Purvis MEP Conservative Party
Mr Philip Bradbourn MEP Conservative Party
Mr John Bowis MEP Conservative Party
Mr Daniel Hannan MEP Conservative Party
Mr Robert Sturdy MEP Conservative Party
Mr James Elles MEP Conservative Party
Mr Christopher Beazley MEP Conservative Party
Sir Robert Atkins MEP Conservative Party
Dr Caroline Jackson MEP Conservative Party
Mr Densmore Dover MEP Conservative Party
Mr Nirj Deva MEP Conservative Party
Mr Giles Chichester MEP Conservative Party
Mr Jonathan Evans MEP Conservative Party
Mr Jim Allister MEP QC Independent
Mr Tom Wise MEP Independent
Mr Robert Kilroy-Silk MEP Independent (elected as UK Independence Party; resigned party whip October 2004)
Ms Glenis Willmott MEP Labour Party
Mrs Catherine Stihler MEP Labour Party
Ms Neena Gill MEP Labour Party
Mr David Martin MEP Labour Party
Ms Mary Honeyball MEP Labour Party
Mr Robert Evans MEP Labour Party
Mr Gary Titley MEP Labour Party
Mr Claude Moraes MEP Labour Party
Mr Richard Howitt MEP Labour Party
Mr Stephen Hughes MEP Labour Party
Mr Brian Simpson MEP Labour Party
Mr Glyn Ford MEP Labour Party
Mr Richard Corbett MEP Labour Party
Ms Eluned Morgan MEP Labour Party
Mr Peter Skinner MEP Labour Party
Mr Michael Cashman MEP Labour Party
The Baroness Ludford MEP Liberal Democrats
The Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne MEP Liberal Democrats
Ms Baibre de Brún MEP MLA Sinn Fein

Mr Roger Knapman MEP UK Independence Party
Mr James Nicholson MEP Ulster Unionist Party

Written by Richard Wilson

June 3, 2009 at 1:19 pm

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  1. It would be interested to compare these 47 MPs with where they are on the list of expenses… Is there a correlation between these 47 and the top 50 most expensive MPs?

    Maria Moyses

    June 15, 2009 at 9:59 pm

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