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The fraudster, the perjurer and the pyromaniac

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In “Don’t Get Fooled Again” I argue that lying in public office should be made a criminal offence. But it seems that within the existing system, an ennobled British politician convicted under such a law (or indeed any other) would still be able to vote in the House of Lords. The current stock includes a convicted fraudster, a perjurer and an arsonist. George Galloway in the Daily Record has more:

And then there’s “Lord” Mike Watson, a former New Labour MSP. Not only does he still sit in the Lords following his prison term for arson – setting fire to the curtains of a hotel full of people because the staff had refused him any more strong drink.

But Lord Watson turns out also to be a Parliamentary lobbyist!

Now leave aside what kind of companies would want to hire a drunken ex-convict arsonist – the Acme fire alarm company, perhaps – the point is the House of Lords is full of crooks.

Lord Conrad Black, former owner of the Daily Telegraph, is still a Lord even though he is currently banged up in a US penitentiary.

Lord Jeffrey Archer is another ex-con on the red benches.

New Labour once stood for the abolition of this farce; now it stuffs its mediocrities in to stuff their faces and keep their mouths shut, except when they have to say Yes.

See also – Buy back democracy – for just £5 a head!

2 Responses

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  1. We should not forget little Wille Hague’s special friend Lord Ashcroft whom even the Blair regime was unwilling to ennoble because he was not a UK taxpayer. On the solemn word of his lordship and little Willie Hague (isn’t he now Cameron’s depute?) that he would take up residence and pay his dues he got the peerage but remains strangely reluctantly to confirm his status. I hope much is made of this when the election comes since he has bankrolled the Tories from his Belize stronghold.

    Richard T

    February 3, 2009 at 11:16 am

  2. Good point – I wish I could believe that a change of government would make a significant difference, but given the number of Tories (including Hague himself) on the payroll of various people unfortunately this seems unlikely. Neither am I hopeful that all these “tough measures” Jack Straw is promising will actually ever materialise – we’ve seen the phenomenon of “headlines first, backslide later” so many times with this government that I’d be quite surprised if things went differently this time around. “Buy Back Democracy” really seems to be the only way ;o)! –

    Richard Wilson

    February 3, 2009 at 2:29 pm

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