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Magic man done it?! – Christopher Booker critiques Darwin’s theory of evolution…

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From The Spectator:

The greatest stumbling block to [Darwin’s] argument was that evolution has repeatedly taken place in leaps forward so sudden and so complex that they could not possibly have been accounted for by the gradual process he suggested — the ‘Cambrian explosion’ of new life forms, the complexities of the eye, the post-Cretaceous explosion of mammals. Again and again some new development emerged which required a whole mass of interdependent changes to take place simultaneously, such as the transformation of reptiles into feathered, hollow-boned and warm-blooded birds.

As even Darwin himself acknowledged, these jumps in the story might have seemed to render his thesis ‘absurd’. He might therefore have hypothesised that some other critically important factor seemed to be at work, some ‘organising power’ which had allowed these otherwise inexplicable leaps to take place. But so possessed was he by the elegant simplicity of his theory that, waving such thoughts aside, he made a leap of faith that it must be right, regardless of the evidence — and in the increasingly materialistic mid-19th century, his thesis was an idea whose time had come. Thus has his belief that life evolved solely through a material process continued to possess the minds of scientists to this day.

…and now here’s Robin Ince with an alternative take:

2 Responses

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  2. What, pray is your point? That Booker is a creationist? Wow. No, no a million times no!

    Is there any chance of you reading, as I read, some of Booker’s sources? On AGW, naturally, Steven McIntyre (when, oh when, will Monbiot learn statistics?).

    Meanwhile, Booker is as ever cutting edge, via his enormous capacity to absorb modern thought. And it shows. Of course, and as a result, he is ‘laughably wrong’, at least according to our new masters. Which is why we may be heading for a new dark age. For science rests on constant criticism. Normal science = death

    I like the idea of ‘sceptic of the week’ very much, and agree with many of your choices. Maybe one day, Booker…?

    Michael Orme

    February 15, 2010 at 5:38 pm

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